Ask Alf
Whoa! O_O' Guys, don't fight. There's like a whole cheesecake here, you can just get another slice!

It’s okay, we hugged and made up and ended up sharing that one piece, anyway. And ya shoulda specified there was more in the first place!

Worried about Ney?

Why would I be worried about Ney? He’s here, safe in the village! I just assume he’s taking another grumpy nap since I haven’t seen him for a couple hours.

do any doctors exist in your kind? I doubt most of you ever live uninjured

Oh man, us slaves in particular have great experience in injuries! From bruises to cuts to broken bones! We’ve suffered it all. Natives obviously get injured too, not as bad though. Never have I seen someone react so bad to a splinter. We don’t have doctors, but shamans are able to help with some problems with spiritual healing, and Abe can heal Mudokons sick from brew.
But when it comes to the usual injuries, like broken things, cuts, and all sorts, we just gotta help each other and make do with the tacky tools and incredibly inexperienced and hope nothing gets infected. It would be great to have someone around who is a little bit more experienced with illness and injuries. 

Alf, I leaked your nudes.


yo mamas booty

You leave my mama outta this! Have some respect, for the love of Odd!